Every year new treatment methods ensuring both therapeutic and cosmetic effect are added to the existing, globally known, rational vein treatment methods. The specialist decides which method is the most suitable and sparing in each case together with the patient, considering the form of a disease and financial possibilities.

Good treatment result can only be achieved with a complex approach to the issue which includes precise diagnostics and active rehabilitation.

Baltic Vein Clinic offers all rational treatment methods and their combinations for vein disease treatment:
• Drug treatment.
• Compression treatment. The only measurement in Latvia using IMAGE 3D device to determine precise size of compression stockings! We offer the opportunity to manufacture custom-made stockings for a patient in Germany within 1 week.
• Sclerotherapy (foam technique and ultrasound guidance) using additionally halogen light device Veinlite® Transilluminator to ensure precision (in case of fine blood vessels),
• Vein surgery as per Varady method (miniphlebectomy) with minimal, 1-3 mm skin incisions,
• Endovenous laser surgery (laser coagulation) - EVLT (Biolitec Ceralas 1470 nm diode laser, Biolitec Ceralas 980 nm, Dornier Medtech medilas D 980 nm diode laser, Eufoton laser “Lasemar 1500” 1470nm diode laser, Eufoton laser „LASEMAR – 4th” 1940 nm),
• Endovenous radiofrequency surgery (obliteration) - RFO (VNUS Medical Technologies 6301 Premier radiofrequency device).
• Endovenous radiofrequency surgery – EVRF ( F care systems NV device).
• Endovenous thermal occlusion with steam microimpulses – SVS (CERMA GEN10.W endovenous thermal occlusion system)
• Vein closure using bioglue - (VenaSeal™ Closure System) this is not thermal or chemical ablation method. A vein is glued up from the inside using special bioglue.

Please check if the physician in the clinic of your choice truly have all treatment methods at his disposal!


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