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Medical services for international clients

The Baltic Vein Clinic offers top-level medical services to for international clients. Our aim is to provide impeccable, high-quality, and fast services at the Baltic Vein Clinic!  


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In Latvia you can get high-quality, safe, and modern medical services at a much lower cost.


Almost all our specialists are fluent in English and Russian, but there are also specialists consulting patients in German, French, and Arabic.


Latvia is easy to reach – its geographical location allows patients to come to Riga by any means of transport.


Latvia has modern infrastructure, high-level services, and a wide selection of high-quality hotels in various price categories.


Specialists use all world-renowned methods and cutting-edge technologies: laser surgery, bioadhesive method, water vapour microimpulse method, radiofrequency surgery, foam sclerotherapy, thermocoagulation.


Individual treatment is applied for each patient; the most suitable method or a combination of methods are applied to eliminate phlebologic and proctologic diseases.

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The fact that vein issues can be treated quickly and painlessly is especially important for medical tourists – you only need to plan your stay in Riga for 3 days.

To guarantee top-class services and care, the Medical Tourism Department of the Baltic Vein Clinic provides full communication and support for international patients from the moment of first contact.


  • Remote consultation with the customer service manager before arrival in Latvia;
  • Meeting and greeting in Latvia;
  • Organisation of transfer and accommodation services;
  • Creating and maintaining contact between the international patient and the specialists of the clinic;
  • Coordination and supervision of treatment plan;
  • Constant support of the customer service manager during the treatment process;
  • Maintaining necessary communication after the client returns to their country of residence. 


Please contact our international patients’ support

Lana Kutiščeva - Baltijas vēnu klīnikas ārvalstu pacientu atbalsts

Lana Kutiščeva

Tālr.: +371 26342853


Ilze Maļkeviča - Baltijas vēnu klīnika ārvalstu pacienta atbalsts

Ilze Maļkeviča

Tālr.: +371 29255242


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1. Filling in an application

Please indicate in the application:
- your full name;
- year and date of birth;
- primary diagnosis of issue of concern;
- telephone number/e-mail address;
- attach a medical report or images of the leg veins to your e-mail.

Please send your application by e-mail to:
A medical tourism manager will contact you within 24 hours.

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2. Preparation of a treatment plan

Based on the information provided by you, we will prepare a plan that includes the conditions of examinations and treatment, options and duration of treatment, and approximate costs.

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3. Scheduling a personal appointment

After the written approval of the proposed plan, we will agree about your visit to Riga.
If necessary, we will help you book a hotel, translate medical reports, and solve other issues related to your stay in Riga. 

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4. Payment of the invoice

Then you will receive a total estimated amount that you can pay after receiving the medical service. 

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Diana and Roman, England

We wanted to thank the service provided by "Veselības centrs 4" and the kind staff for planning and support during the visit. We are very pleased with the visit. The service is provided at a high level, all staff is kind and responsive. We recommend to everyone. Thank you very much! We are really very grateful and happy with your visit, thank you!

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Igor, Belarus

I am 25 years old. From childhood I suffered from neurodermatitis. I have already tried everything, the usual treatment and our (Belarusian) preparations did little good. I started looking for treatment abroad. I found a dermatology clinic. I decided to leave, consult. The doctor prescribed medicines and creams according to a prescription, and I immediately bought them in Riga. And the result exceeded all my expectations. Literally, after taking the tablets for a few days, the condition of the skin improved significantly. And the creams recommended by the doctor help very well. The doctor also answered all my questions. I was very satisfied and did not regret coming a little. Thank you!

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Olga from Ireland.

I can’t thank you enough for the care and attention you gave to me. I couldn't have asked for more enjoyable time than I had at your hospital and staying in Riga. It was great comfort whole way down. Big thanks to hospital staff of being friendly. Big, big thanks manager for great service and laugh. All of you guys doing very high class work.

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Sven Osila, Estonia

I did vein treatment in Riga. Very surprised and pleased with customer service. Nice, helpful and professional staff. Starting with welcome package and finishing with it. Very organized and smooth in all aspects. Never seen something like that before. And I’m very happy with result. My legs looks much better now. Thank you all again, especially to med. tourism manager Lana.

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Kelly, United Kingdom

A million times thank you to Dr. Liepiņa (plastic surgeon), Ekaterina and anesthesiologist for making my experience absolutely perfect I will definitely recommend you to my friends!

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Ian, United Kingdom

I just wanted to thank medical tourism manager for helping myself and my wife when we were in Riga. We are both very happy with our operations. My legs feel much lighter than before after surgery done by phlebologist Dr. I. Udris, using biological glue. I feel like I can now fully enjoy my life and my hobbies, play football, and my wife wished to have surgery since last year, so I am very happy that she got it now and feels great!

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Susanne, Sweden

I am very satisfied with medical service in Riga and the very nice and prof. manager as well as their nice drivers. I can warmly recommend to visit the very good clinics in Riga as Baltic Vein Clinic as well as Dermatology Clinic with their very nice and prof. doctors and treatments.

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Lesja Kiev, Ukraine

Thank you, Dr. Ints Ūdris for professional and fast operation. Thank you - nurses! Especial thanks to the doctor for the music during the surgery – it kept my mind way from fear. I am grateful to you and the resto of the staff.

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Vita, Russia

I am 27 years old. I suffer from horrible herpes since childhood. But wherever I went, the doctors said that there is no clinic that treats herpes in our country. When I decided to look at the cost of treatment in Latvia, I was surprised. Everything wasn't as expensive as I expected. So I chose Dermatology Clinic, because it specializes in curing such condition. Words cannot express how I am satisfied with the treatment. They helped me with my problem that tormented me for many years. I am ashamed of my appearance no more. In this clinic, they not just solved my health problem, but also improved my mental condition. I thank you for this!

One file only.
10 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, txt, rtf, odf, pdf, doc, docx.
Please describe your medical condition


The Baltic Vein Clinic has 5 operating rooms and day care facilities. Consultations are also provided at the following branches of Veselības centrs 4 as well as on trips (see: :

  • 115 Kr. Barona Street ("Baltic Vein Clinic" – main building)
  • 50 Skanstes Street ("Dermatology Clinic")
  • 410 Brīvības gatve ("Jugla Clinic")
  • 15A Duntes Street, 3rd, 4th floor ("Capital Clinic Riga")
  • 180 Brīvības Street, 3rd floor ("Department of Diagnostis", "Veselības centrs 4")
  • 1 Grebenščikova Street, Riga ("Diagnostic Centre")
  • 18 Baznīcas Street ("Anti-Aging Institute")
  • 10A Ģimnāzijas Street,2 а, Daugavpils (Private Clinic "Ģimenes veselība")
  • 39A Talsu Street, Ventspils ("Pārventa Outpatient Facility")
  • 10 Pededzes Street , Mārupe (Mārupe Doctorate)

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