Vein radiofrequency surgeries (RFO) and (EVRF)

~thumb_7_vnus_medical_technologies_6301_premier_1.jpgThis is the oldest and the most studied endovenous ablation method in the world. Initially this method was created in the company VNUS to heat up the wall of the vein with the help of the microwaves and when it shrinks, the diameter of the vein would be reduced and activities of the valves would be restored. It did not happen but it turned out to be a caring method of closing the damaged vein and could replace the classic vein surgery. Since 1998 this method was introduced in the market and beginning from the 1999 this is the most used applied in USA. First catheters were with the ending in the form of broom type electrode. Their costs were high and time of the surgery - long.

In 2007 a completely new Closure FASTcatheter was created with much lower costs and surgery time as short as with the laser.

Method is very precise because device automatically regulates energy capacity and duration; therefore it provides additional safety while excluding the application of improper energy parameters.  

Starting from the year 2008 this method is used also in the VC4 Baltic Vein Clinic.

F Care Systems NV.jpg

Since 2011 BVK introduced patented EVRF radiofrequency method patented by the Belgium Company F Care systems. Unlike the Closure FAST (VNUS) system 3 forms of catheters and thermoregulation needle is especially developed for this method. It gives a possibility to treat all kinds of varicose veins with one method that can be applied for both the arterial veins, side branches and blood vessel webs.

Advantages of the surgery – the oldest and most studied endovenous ablation method in the world. The most used method in USA. Different kind of electrodes are available; therefore it is possible to cure veins of different diameters.


Vein surgery with radiofrequency and steam micro impulse methods 



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