Venous sclerotherapy
Sclerotherapy is closure (or elimination) of an injured or varicose vein by injecting a special medicine - sclerosant in it. Depending on the diameter of the injured vein, the sclerosant may be applied both as foam and fluid. The advantage of foam sclerotherapy is the fact that foam completely fills the damaged segment of a blood vessel with a maximum contact with its walls, therefore its effect is much stronger. Foam sclerotherapy can also close large varicose branches, therefore surgical intervention is no longer required. Sclerotherapy with fluid is mostly used to close small venous capillaries. In order to inject the medicine in the most precise way, if necessary, we use a special halogen lamp - Veinlite transiluminator.

The advantages of the technique - the sclerotherapy procedure lasts for about 30 minutes; after the procedure the patient must put on compression stockings prescribed by the physician that should be used for 14-20 days. Patients can continue their usual daily activities; however, they should refrain from hot bath, sauna, and, advisable, from flights.

There is a myth that the damaged vein is restored over time after sclerotherapy. This is a wrong idea, this blood vessel cannot restore any more, however, other damaged veins may appear in the course of life.



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Video - foam sclerotherapy - Dr. Ints Ūdris.



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