Removal of cosmetic defects

Esthetic phlebology solves cosmetic issues of dilated blood vessels. In case of damage in deeper, larger veins, blood circulation in superficial, smaller blood vessels is also impaired. It results in esthetically unpleasant net of dilated blood vessels. Its colour varies from bluish-black to red depending on depth and size of blood vessels.








Methods of cosmetic defect removal.

Methods of dilated blood vesse removal:

Transcutaneous laser therapy is closure of small blood capillaries both on legs and face, and transcutaneous closure of small veins using a laser. A laser ray is absorbed by red structures of blood vessels, high temperature is achieved and a blood vessel is closed. The procedure requires no anaesthesia; it is sufficient to make cold applications during and after the procedure. After the procedure patients have redness, oedema; scabs may occur.
The following lasers are used: Lumenis Nd/Yag (1064nm), Wavelight MAYDON Nd/Yag (1064nm), Biolitec (980 nm) diode lasers, Dornier (980 nm) diode lasers, Wavelight KTP (532nm) lasers, Eufoton (808 nm) diode lasers.

IPL - closing of small blood capillaries both on legs and face, and transcutaneous closing of small veins using intense pulsed light.
The following devices are used: Lumenis Quantum IPL SR (560 nm), Lumenis M 22 + Nd/Yag (1064nm).

Thermocoagulation is a good method for treatment of spider veins, telangiectasia and rosacea (increased spider veins which manifests as redness, mostly on the nose and cheek skin). As a result of thermocoagulation, undesirable blood vessels on legs, face and other parts of the body instantly disappear. Read more >>
F Care Systems NV TC 3000 equipment is applied.

Removal of skin pigmentation consequences caused by venous insufficiency

Due to long-term circulatory disturbance there may be hemosiderin deposits in the skin which are manifested as bluish-grey pigmentation. Sometimes pigmentation can appear after a surgery or laser therapy. The pigment deposited in the skin can be removed by laser. Patients may experience redness, slight swelling, or thin scabs after the procedure.
Wevelight Sinon Rubīna Q-Swich (694nm) laser is used to remove pigmentation.



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