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Sit without pain!

Initial consultation and proctoscopy by a proctologist – 30€
100€ for all proctologic surgeries*
Gifts awaiting all clients after surgeries!

Health Center 4 was ranked 1st in the section Public, Social and Individual Services of Company Reputation Top 2016

On 9 June the Academic Centre of Natural Sciences of the University of Latvia hosted the official awarding ceremony of Company Reputation Top 2016 during which the companies and directors of the companies with the highest reputation were announced.


From barbells to a surgery room - basketball player Andris Biedrins turns his idea of healthy legs into reality!

Andris Biedrins arrives for a consultation with his doctor right on time, thus giving his doctor a chance to take a look at his legs since they were operated a week ago by using a laser surgery method. When the consultation is over, he, with a big smile on his face, comes out of the doctor’s office and jokes around by saying that he will finally have a chance to reveal his thoughts about his doctor. During the conversation Andris tells that he has great connection with his doctor, Dr. Ivars Prudans, with whom he also shares a hobby.

Dr. Ints Ūdris spoke at the International Symposium on Endovenous Vein Treatment

The 4th International Symposium on Endovenous Vein Treatment using cyanoacrylate adhesive or "bioadhesive" method (VenaSeal™ system) was held in Mainz (Germany) on 16 April 2016.

Unique medical services in the Baltic region are solid investment to increase a number of international patients

According to the data of 2015, 8’868 international patients for the total sum of EUR 1’346’413 have been serviced in 14 Latvian leading clinics of the healthcare alliance “Medical Tourism Centre Baltic Care”. In comparison with 2014, an increase of the number of patients by 10.5% is observed, but income for medical services provided to international patients has increased by 6.5% within a year. By providing unique, high-level medical services in the Baltic region and attracting international patients, Latvian medical institutions enhance visibility of the image of Latvia and promote development of national economy.


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