Measuring with BODYTRONIC® 600

Bodytronic 600The next generation of measurement technology BodyTronic 600® is a unique device; also the most recently introduced 3D measurement technology in Latvia. It is a digital measurement system that measures the legs up to the hips. The 3D model of the relevant body part generated by the system and numerous measurement data form the basis of an accurate choice of the BAUERFEIND compression stockings.

During the measuring process, the customer stands on a revolving measurement platform. The steady rotation excludes the possibility of potential errors. To generate the 3D model, the system projects beams of light onto the relevant body part and captures them digitally. The beams display a grid on the skin that is used to generate a highly accurate 3D cloud of dots.

From the 3D image, circumference and length measurements of the patient are calculated that serve as the basis for the most suitable size of the BAUERFEIND compression stockings.

With Bodytronic 600, the entire process – from configuration and measurement to ordering the products – has become much easier. This excludes many potential errors and, not least, saves a considerable amount of time. The entire measurement and order process only takes a few minutes.

• ACCURACY: manual measurement errors are avoided
• SPEED: measurement and generation of the 3D model is carried out simultaneously
• NON-CONTACT: the body is measured by projecting beams of light

Measurements with BodyTronic 600 are offered FREE OF CHARGE
in the BAUERFEIND medical supply shop at the HC4 Baltic Vein Clinic (Kr. Barona Street 115).


The history of the family company Bauerfeind AG began 80 years ago in Germany, combining a decade’s worth of experience, technology, experiments, and manufacturing innovations. Experts of Bauerfeind AG collaborate with doctors and scientists in order to generate medical products of high quality. Now Bauerfeind AG is one of the world’s leading medical product manufacturers that produces:

• compression stockings,
• orthopaedic insoles,
• supports and orthotics,
• prosthetics and prosthesis raw materials,
• measuring technologies.

Bauerfeind compression stockings VenoTrain® are the best of preventive measures and medical treatment for venous and lymphatic diseases of any stage.
Bauerfeind representative in Latvia is SIA Dinastija, offering a range of medical products.

• DYNASTY medical supply shop, Brīvības Street 180, phone: 67553388,
• BAUERFEIND medical supply shop, K. Barona Street 115, phone: 67847205,


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