Diagnostic methods

1. Duplex ultrasound


IMG_9799w.JPGThis device measures counter flow of the blood in veins, as well as determines the severity of damages of the vein valves, sections of the damaged veins.

It allows precise and fast evaluation of the venous reflux in deep and superficial veins; evaluate them visually, diagnose thrombosis and other pathologies of veins.

After evaluating veins of legs with Duplex US method we can obtain precise information about the condition of deep and superficial veins approximately within 10 to 20 minutes time.

It is determined:

  • If veins are ill and should be operated,
  • If blood vessels are healthy, close to the skin and provides only cosmetic disturbance.


Sometimes also bluish veins can be visually seen on the legs (capillary network) but they are completely healthy. Most likely this cosmetic defect is caused by the thin skin, as the capillary network is very well visible underneath it. In those cases sometimes if the skin is a bit tanned then the outer appearance of it improves.

Duplex US method is used also to determine scope of the planned surgery, as well as to perform precise marking of the veins before surgery. Besides diagnostic of veins provides precise information only if the patient is examined in the standing position or inclined with legs down to make the gravitation force correctly work on the blood flow. The best way to picture the examination conclusion visually is to mark the segments of damaged veins in scheme and indicate both lengths of the venous reflux and diameter of veins.

It is recommended to perform examination with prophylactic aim:

  • If vein diseases is observed to people closely related to the person. If only one of the patents is sick with the varicose of veins, up to 25% of the boys can inherit this disease, but up to 62% girls. If both parents suffer from varicose veins (approximately 90% of cases) there is a risk to inherit this pathology. Usually varicose veins are inherited after every each generation.
  • If you are around 30Ñ35 years old as very frequently women develop varicose veins during this period. (Men encounter vein related problems comparatively rarer.) Still if the disease is inherited, it can progress already when the girl is thirteen, fourteen years old.
  • If you use hormonal contraception and also smoke, you should pay increased attention to your veins. As in this case, if you have varicose veins then risk of thrombosis increases ten times. It should be mentioned that in order to avoid varicose veins, hormonal contraception is not recommended even to passive smokers. If you have a tendency for varicose veins then hormonal medications will only increase the risk. As the substance included in the hormonal pills Ð progesterone Ð relaxes the thin layer of muscles located in the wall of the vein and it is harder for the vein to secure correct blood flow from the foot of the leg to the body. Counter flow generated by the gravity force begin to operate (from the top to the bottom). Before you start to use hormonal medications it is recommended to perform diagnostics of the veins as it is not possible to notice the first signs of varicose veins with the naked eye.
  • After birth of a child as also pregnancy can serve as a risk factor. Hormonal changes take place in womanÕs body during this period of time and level of female hormones increase in the blood and this can make walls of veins weaker. In the later stages of pregnancy, when foetus presses on veins of the pelvis it disturbs normal blood circulation and therefore varicose veins can continue to develop after the childbirth.
  • If the popliteal vein is continuously strained. Also circulation of blood is disturbed when you spend several hours in the squatting position, for example, in the flowerbed. Also athletes can get vein related problems when the muscles of legs are overloaded.
  • If you have excess weight as it increases pressure on legs.
  • If you spend a continued and regular (more than 4 hours) period of time in the heat or work physically hard work, as it widens blood vessels and decrease their functional ability.
  • If you wear high-heels that not only promotes formation of flatfoot and increased sweating of the foot (as you press on the sweat glands that are located on the pillows of the foot by the fingers), but also varicose veins. When you wear high-heels muscle of calf which is the main venous pump gets strained and blood is blocked in veins forming a Òbeneficial environmentÓ for varicose veins. So there is reason why women suffer from it 3 to 4 times more frequently.
  • If you experience unpleasant feeling in legs, they are always tired Ð heavy, you encounter oedema, smarting pain in the calf area of legs (sometimes also cramps can develop in the calf muscles of legs).







"Health Center 4, Ltd." offer clients to perform computer tomography phlebography. Computer tomography (CT) phlebography is usually indicated at the unclear aetiology in case of thrombosis of deep veins or inherited vein diseases.

Advantages of computer tomography phlebography

With other examination methods you can screen only segments of deep veins but computer tomography phlebography provides a possibility to test the whole system of deep veins in total.

How the examination is performed?

During the examination radiopaque is slowly introduced in the superficial vein of the leg with constrictor on to make the radiopaque fill up also deep veins. When the CT monitoring indicates that proper filling is attained, the fast scanning of extremities is performed and contrasting of deep veins attained.
Examination is carried out in the computer tomography office of the Health Center 4 with new Siemens Somatom Definition AS computer tomography.

We offer the computer tomography phlebography:

  • Both as a paid service Ls 157,-
  • And as a service provided by the NHS (National Health Service).


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