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Debra Rangel on

I couldn't use my hand at all I had no strength n all (Kalvis Krastins) recommended a shot and my hand feels like new..I thought i needed surgery right there and then. 
I loved it.. 

Patient from Germany about Baltic Vein clinic

The Baltic Vein Clinic (BVC) of Health Center 4 is the largest and most experienced health care establishment in Latvia and the Baltic States, offering worldwide- recognised treatment methods and their combinations to achieve the best results.


Ginta Bleidele, participant of the event "FOR LIFE WITH HEALTHY LEGS" organised by HC4 Baltic Vein Clinic and magazine Patiesā Dzīve

"This was my second leg vein surgery; I underwent the first surgery in 2000. For a while my leg looked good, but two years later veins appeared again. It meant the surgery was not successful. The second surgery was performed by Dr. Ints Ūdris in Baltic Vein Clinic. Sometimes it hurt a little, I felt pressure, but it was not really painful. I could not understand what exactly the doctor was doing with the veins. I will be able to return to work in a few days; the only condition is to wear compression stockings. After everything I have been through I would like to express my cordial thanks to doctor Ūdris - for his attitude, compassion and skilful hands. I would like to wish him success and a lot of satisfied patients."

Helēna Melnstrazde, participant of the event "FOR LIFE WITH HEALTHY LEGS" organised by HC4 Baltic Vein Clinic and magazine Patiesā Dzīve

"I would like to thank Baltic Vein Clinic! God truly helped me this time. I was in charged of a canteen in Jugla. I was thin, small, therefore I wore high-heel shoes, I was astir all day, we lacked employees, therefore I carried huge boiling coppers, sometimes working for 18 hours a day. I completely trust doctor Ints Ūdris and nurse Guna - she was as skilful and quick as a bee. They deserved all possible kind words; I am so happy that I was so lucky. My legs had been operated twice; last surgery was performed nine years ago. They were already dark, with large veins, it felt as if there were ropes in calves, and ankles were swollen. On 17 May doctor made a surgery on both legs which last more than an hour. I have dressings every week. Doctor and nurse change plasters and bandages very diligently. Write doctor Ūdris's name in big letters - he is so clever, he knows everything."

Actor Ivars Puga

Actor Ivars Puga

I stayed in HC4 Baltic Vein Clinic at doctor Ints Ūdris', who performed a complicated (in my opinion) vein surgery during my stay, and I call it "stay" on purpose! For me as a representative of creation-related profession it was interesting to "take a detached view" at myself during surgery: I was not asleep during this process, instead of that I could cheerfully discuss life and politics with the doctor and his assistants. I felt like a guest, not like a patient! Then I stayed in hospital bed for three hours, and I went to work three days later! Thank you!

P.S. Greetings to the nurse Guna! 



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